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Keil School Old Boys and Girls Club

With the closure of the school the alumni have set up alternative means to keep in contact.  You will find links to Facebook, a Twitter account and the formality of the KSOB club with its official website.

The clubs main activity focus around the AGM and dinner which is held on the last Saturday in November in Glasgow.  The KSOB club committee meet regularly and have been helpful in posting news on their website.  If you are looking to track old school mates down they do have a fairly comprehensive list of contacts of the Keil old girls and boys.

The official web pages of the Keil School Old Boys Club are its we site is intended to keep the widely dispersed alumni of Keil School vaguely in touch with one another and aware of the occasional gatherings which we attempt.

For those interested in reading more of the history of the school, it is worthwhile trying and track down a copy of "A History of Keil School" published in 1993, Author Roddy MacAskill - Printer by the Edinburgh Press Ltd.

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